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10.0.36281 for Ubuntu

Share your screen and work on remote computers







TeamViewer is a remote access application that grants you access to other computer and allows you to work on it as if it were the one you are in front of.

Install TeamViewer on both computers, the accessed and the user. From then on, you'll be able to control the other computer remotely.

It's perfect if you have to help a friend or relative who doesn't know how to repair anything on the computer and you don't want to waste time, just connect and do it yourself.

It's perfect when you are at the office and you want to manage downloads at home too.

If you thought that remote access was difficult, you should use TeamViewer and you'll change your point of view. It's extremely easy to use and it can save you hard-to-understand explications and headaches.

Totally free for private use.

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